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Becky says: Ohio shark scare

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When you think of shark encounters ... Ohio doesn't exactly come to mind.

That being said, my most memorable moment of my Christmas vacation in Ohio was my 2 year old's shark scare.

Now, before I proceed, trust me, I felt really bad for him ... I did ... But wow, was it hilarious.

It's New Year's Eve ... My favorite little dude and I head over to my friend's house to hang out and visit.  He starts warming up to the strangers and decides to get down and start playing ... all is well.  Periodically, he checks back to make sure I'm nearby.

There we all are - talking, eating way too much, etc. and Henry walks past the basement door ... all color drains from his face, instant tears, as he runs back to me - as fast as his legs can carry him - yelling "Shark!  Shark!"

I say, yes, it is dark Henry.  If you turn on the lights, it'll be O.K. - as he practically scales me to get into my arms.

Now let me say, I am amazed how remote control helium-inflated balloons floating through the air really resemble the look of a fish swimming through the water.

Next thing I see, with Henry now clinging on for dear life ... the nose and teeth emerging from the door, followed by, oh, I don't know, maybe a 4 foot body, and a dorsal fin as the shark "swims" into the kitchen where we are all standing.   Shortly behind it, emerges my friend's husband with the remote control in his hand.

Their 7 year old son got the what appeared to be the Good Year Blimp of sharks for Christmas.

While the other kids thought it was the coolest ... my little dude ... was done.

Of all the times I've been to the beach, ocean etc., my only experience of a panicked shark scare was in Ohio.   Come to think of it, let's keep it that way.