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Becky says: Thanks for listening Mother Nature

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Thank you Mother Nature for listening to my annoyance with the cold weather.  Already today, it's bearable to walk outside once again.

I grew up in Ohio, I've worked in Vermont and Wisconsin and accordingly, I've dealt with my share of freezing temps.  But for whatever reason, I just don't want to deal with it this year.  No reason.  Just don't.

I shared my desire for a mild winter in my blog yesterday and was quite happy to see the warm up began already!  I realize the warm up will come with some rain in a couple of days, but I can deal with a bit of rain.

Maybe I should just move to SoCal ... sunny and 70's all the time.  Oh wait, they have earthquakes.  Never mind.  Oh wait ... so do we.  Hmmmmm ...  

Oh well, I digress ... I just wanted to take a moment to say Thanks Mother Nature - keep those warmer temperatures coming.