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Becky says: Only love for the Bahamas!

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Ahhhhh, a destination wedding - not a bad idea at all!

My cousin got married this past weekend in Nassau, Bahamas and I cannot complain - in the least bit - about the location, the sun, the beach, the BEAUTIFUL backdrop AND the fact that the 4-day cruise we took to get there was not crazy expensive.

We got WAY lucky with weather, never had a gray day or rain.  During the day at sea, it was a big breezy so you had to find the right deck to relax on, otherwise you felt like you might get blown off the ship.

Yes, I am well aware of the Italian cruise that ended up on its side while we were cruising, but I just hoped lightning wouldn't strike twice.  I did find it interesting that you could see the news coverage on televisions all over the promenade deck and of course, on the TV in your room.  You would think it would be like airport CNN, where they cut out plane crashes - but nope, not at all.

Back to the good news ... My cousin looked beautiful, her now husband smiled from ear to ear, and we all got an awesome trip out of the deal!

Again, I say ... a destination wedding is the way to go!