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Becky says: I'm a regular trapeze artist!

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I'm thinking about running away to join the circus.  I got my first taste of the trapeze and I loved it!

During my vacation this past week, there was an all-inclusive resort that had kayaking - way fun, snorkeling - absolutely gorgeous, and like any tropical paradise resort - a trapeze!   I mean really, when you think of the tropics, is a trapeze not the first thing to come to mind?

Seriously, they had a trapeze dealio, so I gave it a whirl.  Quite honestly, it was short lived.  You climb up a ladder (intimidating once you are at the top) grab onto the trapeze bar and swing into the air, hang upside down, flip off ... done.  

While quick, it was fun, and the backdrop of the turquoise waters and palm trees definitely helped!

Come to think of it, I figure most circuses or carnivals won't have that kind of backdrop, so maybe I won't run off the next chance I get ... but I will definitely try it again, should the chance ever present itself.