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Becky says: Secret hostage rescue has ties to our area

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The same SEAL team that killed Osama bin Laden rescues a woman - we have since learned has local ties - from the hands of captures in Somalia.

The secret rescue of 2 hostages in Somalia included Jessica Buchanan.

Tonight at 10, we talk with a man in Bedford county who says he's friends with Jessica's father and has met Jessica on many occasions.  He tells us he felt good news would be coming and is elated to hear the news.

The SEAL team rescued Buchanan, along with a Danish man, Poul Thisted.  We are told the two were returned safely into U.S. military hands.  Pentagon officials say the SEAL team was intending to capture and detain the heavily armed kidnappers.  Instead, all nine of the kidnappers were killed, for reasons that haven't been revealed.

The two hostages, Buchanan and Thisted had been in Africa as international aid workers and have been held captive since last October.

Last night, after his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama, called
called Buchanan's father to tell him the news and that she was "on her way home."

A spokesman for Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, says a deciding factor to move forward with the rescue was concern for Buchanan's medical condition, saying it had been deteriorating -- and that it could be life-threatening.

We'll be following this story closely and will bring you all the latest as we get it into the newsroom.