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Becky says: Trying out the "barefoot" running craze

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I got my first pair of minimalist shoes!  Now, let's hope they live up to all the hype.

Ever since I tore a tendon in my knee, I've been told to beware of my heel-striking tendencies when I run, as that may aggravate my injury.  A chiropractor recommended minimalist shoes, saying it will help my posture when I'm working out, whether it be lifting, running, group exercise, etc.  

So after MONTHS of research and non-stop reading about minimalist shoes, I finally decided, I best bite the bullet, and buy a pair.

So, I've done two workouts with them so far; a TRX suspension training class and an interval training class ... and they are incredibly comfortable!

I haven't run in them and yet.  In fact, that was the main hesitation I had with buying minimalist shoes.  I didn't want to put a dent in my running and knock back my mileage or times just because of a pair of shoes.  Everyone says you need to start out easy in minimalist shoes and work your way back up on mileage.

However, now that I tore my tendon ... well, it's pretty much done that for me.  So, as I work myself back into running, I figure what better time to try this whole minimalist shoes/barefoot running concept, than now?