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Becky says: Looking for good Inns in the Town of Floyd

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Looking for good suggestions on Bed and Breakfasts or Inns in the Town of Floyd ... any suggestions?

My mom flies in every so often to visit and this time around we were thinking about heading out to the Floyd Country Store for their Friday Night Jamboree. We had been out to Floyd one other weekend but a storm rolled in and the bed and breakfast we stayed at was quite a drive away.  For two people not familiar with the area, neither of us was comfortable driving the dark country roads at dark, so we missed out.  Mind you we had a great day in town and loved the restaurant where we had lunch.  In fact my then-12 month old danced while a guy played guitar ... it was a great time!

This time around, though, we want to enjoy the evening in town as well.  We hope to find a place nearby, so we can have some fun, bring along my 2 year old and not have to worry about winding roads and bad weather.

So, if anyone reading this is "in the know" when it comes to Floyd, let me know!