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Becky says: Cell phones bills can sting!

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When I opened my Verizon wireless bill I thought I was living the reality of the current Vonage commercial currently airing. The one in which the couple is on the phone with one another talking about their current cell phone company robbing them blind as they hand over cash and valuables to burglars.

My bill went through the roof this month after I clearly didn't turn my phone off soon enough while on a cruise last month. I didn't realize it was roaming. Then, I saw a text come through and thought 'oh no!' and turned it off immediately so I wouldn't get any added charges.

That was a mistake. Apparently, they were free texts (I just learned) from Verizon trying to tell me my phone was roaming and racking up charges.

Today, I find out had I called before the billing cycle was over, Verizon could have helped with the charges, but now it's too late. Of course, it wasn't until I received my bill that I even knew there were extra fees.

While I normally laugh at the Vonage commercial, next time I see it, I think it's gonna sting a bit.