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Becky says: Time for some Crossfit!

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Tonight, we have another installment of our series, "New Year, New You."

Throughout February, I head "Out and About" to various gyms around town searching for ways to help you stay true to those exercise new year resolutions.

During our Fox 21/27 10 O'clock newscast tonight, we take you to Roanoke Valley Crossfit. The owners opened the facility just a few months ago on Apperson Drive in Salem.

The class I took was an hour long, and to put it mildly ... it. was. hard.

I do have to add a disclaimer ... if you are new to exercise, I wouldn't let the intensity of Crossfit scare you away. In fact with all the classes I have found around town, the coaches all have ways to modify exercises to help you get used to the workout, before you go all out.

Watch tonight!

And make sure you have your water bottle, you're gonna get thirsty.