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Becky says: Please come back Old Man Winter

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I guess this is when the phrase, "Beggars can't be choosers," comes into play ... but I sure wish the snow would last a little longer.

My little guy LOVED playing in it all day Sunday. Then, as soon as we woke up Monday we played some more. I felt terrible when I had to pack it up and drive him off to daycare. ...Because I knew that was it.

If only the colder temperatures would have stuck around a little longer, just enough to let him play another day in it.

When it first fell, he asked where all the grass went. When we built a snowman and my husband rolled up a giant snowball and revealed the grass below, my fave little dude exclaimed, "Mommy! Daddy found the grass!"

Then last night, he looked at the window and seemed a bit perplexed as he informed me the snow was no longer covering the grass.

Meteorologist Jeff Haniewich did remind me, we still have March. That is one seriously fickle month, so who knows, maybe 'Ol Man Winter will make one more appearance.