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Becky says: Saving for when I am 100 yrs old?!

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I thought living to 100 sounded pretty cool! Now, I'm a bit weary of it, after reading this TIME article online.

In a nutshell, I need to start squirreling away some serious cash. I guess if I don't make it to 100, then all my savings efforts will at least be enjoyed by my little guy, and any others who may follow. Hmmm, maybe I should just stick with one child - otherwise I'll have to save even more!

Who knew one simple article would send me into a tailspin about my financial stability at 100 years old. Maybe I need to just need to chill, and enjoy today.

I do need to look at my debt and my retirement - without a doubt - but I also think it's way too easy to completely stress over something that may never happen.

Huh ... What would I look like at 100?

O.K., I'm done with this.  Read the article - it's interesting - just don't let it send your mind spiraling out of control.  ... That's advice I give from firsthand knowledge.