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Becky says: What to do with all this extra time?!

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Wow is this gonna be a long year.  I mean, really?  366 days?  What will I do with all the extra time?

Will it mean I get an extra day of pay this year? OR an extra day off to relax? Should I plan more vacation time to celebrate leap year? OR will I be too tired because I had to work extra hard?

So many decisions ... so, little time, er actually a lot of time. (see above)

Did you know, according to, the Chinese calendar adds a leap MONTH? Apparently, every 3 years or so, an extra month is added to the year. Wow, imagine the ALL the decisions to be made with an extra month!  I can't even decide what to do with an extra 24 hours!

I would think it could prove difficult to do business between American and China when one country operates on an extra day, the other an extra month.

Just a few thoughts as I end with a simple ... HAPPY LEAP DAY! Enjoy it anyway you see fit.