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Becky says: March Madness brings out creativity

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Maybe it's not creativity, and instead just plain being a sneak ...

Alright - 'fess up ... how many of you March Madness fans are busy minimizing screens on your computers at work as the boss walks by? (or that mole in the office - c'mon, we all have them)

This is one of the times I can say working in a newsroom is spectacular with televisions all over the place ... you can keep up by just glancing over every now and then. Just an occasional glance ... I mean I am very busy working today! :)

Let's be real, March Madness involves people at work, watching games on smart phones, televisions (if you are bold) and quickly minimizing computer screens as the boss walks by.

Then, of course there are those among us who were probably just smart, and took a vacation day.

My alma mater, Ohio University, doesn't play until the evening. So I have to get all my work done now. Actually, I will work hard right through the night, and just get the score once I get off work. Really, I am.