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Becky says: Searching for an O.U. Watch Party

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Emails between my friends today ...

*(Cleveland) Some friends are going to the watch party on Friday night, but they are getting there at 11am. I'm debating going after work

*(Pittsburgh) We have a work Happy Hour starting at 4 on Friday.

*(Washington DC) The capital alumni has game watches all the time. We may go.  If it's too crowded, we'll go to another sports bar to watch.

My response - not a darn thing happening here in Roanoke.  Sad :(

I searched O.U. watch parties online, but the closest is 3 hours away ... in Charlotte.

Guess if I want to go to a watch party to "STAND UP AND CHEER" O.U. as they battle it out in the Sweet 16 - I gotta come up with my own Star City soiree for the Green and White.