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Becky says: Ohio, the Heart of it all!

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Ohio is the "Heart of it All."

It's been Ohio's nickname/slogan for years. It's sort of in the shape of a heart and it's location in the country is basically in the spot of where a heart would be.

Now, we can add basketball to that list.  Ohio has FOUR basketball teams representin' in the Big Dance!

Ohio University, (if you haven't figured it out yet, my Alma Mater - GO BOBCATS!) Xavier University, (in my hometown of Cincinnati where my dad and grandpa went) University of Cincinnati, and Ohio State University.

I found a Cleveland Plain Dealer article, which reports this is the first time, according to the NCAA, one state has four teams into the Sweet 16.  Woot-Woot!! Go Ohio!

Also in the article, "Everyone knew Ohio would be a battleground state in 2012, but it figured to be in November for the presidential election, not in March for the NCAA basketball tournament."

March ... November ... I'm not sure which will be more exciting!

And I would be remiss if I did not end this with my favorite March Madness phrase ... GO BOBCATS!!!