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Becky says: Yawn

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I take part in an interval training class twice a week at noon. LOVE it! Then, a friend talked me into doing a boot camp class the other 3 days at noon.

This is my first week doing all 5 days at noon ... It will last 6 weeks. I really do like it, but wow do I feel like I could fall asleep standing up by about 4 every afternoon.

You might call me a gluten for punishment. I can tell you, working out is something I have always loved to do. I also love food. :)

Apparently, I need to find a food that jump starts me in the afternoon. Seriously, I believe I have just yawned for the 6th time since I began writing this blog.

Time to get up from my desk and get my blood flowing ... Maybe a walk to the break room ... mmmmm, food. :)