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Becky says: Avoid parking lots at all cost!

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I am pretty certain people lose all common sense, and driving skills, on a holiday.

First of all, I forgot people had today off, so I thought I was 'oh so smart' heading to the grocery store today instead of Saturday. However, the mad rush for Easter supplies was already on.

Inside, it was busy, but I escaped fairly unscathed. Then ... I headed back outside to the parking lot and mayhem ensued.

Seriously, a woman almost backed out of her parking space right into me and my cart. I cleared that hurdle and made it safely to my car.

That same woman proceeded to drive down the left side of the aisle, causing a person who wanted to enter the same aisle to almost hit her head-on (thankfully, going approximately 2 mph) and then had to drive through empty parking spaces to avoid her.

I then saw 2 more hot messes in the same parking lot, before finally escaping with both life and limb in tact.

My dad always joked suburban parking lots would be the death of him ... thankfully it's a fate I successfully avoided today.

Here's my simple advice to have a happy Easter ... Avoid parking lots at all cost.