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Becky says: Heels for Healing

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The 5th annual "Heels for Healing" luncheon for Children's Miracle Network is in the books and it went great!

Seriously, that cheesy cliché ... I laughed, I cried ... well, I did. I laughed and, wow, did I need to pull myself together when we got to the live auction.

We auctioned off a necklace in memory of a premature baby, Nora, who recently passed away shortly after birth at Carilion. A family member of Nora's was on our Heels for Healing committee and told us Nora means light. She made a necklace with "rays of light" to carry on Nora's memory. It was such a wonderful piece and all the proceeds went to Children's Miracle Network.

We also had "miracle babies" at the event. I put babies in quotes because they are now beautiful young girls who have beat their ailments and diseases are now happy, healthy and let me say one more time - beautiful - miracles ... with smiles that will melt your heart!

It's a great group of women who put this event on every year, and it's a spectacular group of women who show up for lunch each and every year to show the true generosity of this community year after year.