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Becky says: The changing of the clothes

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Who's ready for the humidity? Talk about a quick change out from winter to summer clothes!

We've had a warm winter, and now it looks like are going right into summer. Maybe because winter already felt like spring, we won't have one this year? Who knows.

I did go through my closet and pull out clothes I haven't worn in awhile to give away, and found summer clothes. I don't have room for the summer clothes quite yet though, because I'm not completely sold its time to pack up all my cooler weather clothes.

My closet is pretty much the size of my pinky finger - yes, I exaggerate - but seriously - it's tiny. So when the seasons change, there's always a time when my room looks like a hot mess because there's just not the space for clothes from more than one season.

I'm not exactly ready for the full on heat of summer, but I am ready for Mother Nature to decide what season we are in, so I can just settle on those clothes and be done with the clutter.