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Becky says: I'm on the Dairy Farm!

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During the month of May, for "Out and About with Becky" we are 'On the Farm.' ... And it is a blast!

Tonight we kick off the series in Franklin county at Bowmont Dairy Farm with Laird Bowman, a 6th generation farmer, and his family.

His daughter Joanna is in 'training' so-to-speak, to take over the farm. She showed me how to feed the calves, including a 2 DAY old itty bitty AND adorable lambs.

Then I had to milk mama ... Holy cow (pun intended) are those ladies HUGE! (Sorry ladies) Let's just say, if you waited on me to get those girls milked, you would be extremely thirsty.

That being said, I truly think life on the farm calls me - I LOVE it. Now, keep in mind, I say that after merely visiting and playing with the babies. I'm not sure I could do without tall buildings and concrete forever! I do love the city ... but getting the opportunity to steal away and spend time on a farm was spectacular.

Thanks to Laird Bowman and his family for letting us visit the Bowmont Dairy Farm - anytime you're game for visitors - let me know!