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Chef Nazim: Savory Crepes

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Savory Spinach Basil crepe

1 c. all-purpose flour

2/3 c. milk

2/3 c. basil and spinach puree

3 fresh eggs

¼ t. kosher salt

3 t. melted butter

Yields: around 20 crepes


Basil and spinach puree: cook 5 oz. of baby spinach and 1 oz. of basil leaf in boiling water for one minute and then drain the water and shock them in ice water. Squeeze excess water from the leaves and puree in a blender for smooth consistency.

Mix flour, milk, egg, salt and melted butter in a bowl. When you see the crepe batter is smooth then you fold in 2/3 cup spinach and basil puree.

Heat a nonstick pan on a medium heat. Add little butter or pan spray, then pour in one oz. of batter.

Move the batter around until it's spread evenly.

Let it cook for one minute. Then fold the crepe and serve with any pulled meat or duck comfit with sour cherry jus.