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What's Bugging You This May?: Household Bugs

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Ferrum Environmental Science Professor Glen Stevens checks his samples daily.

They're strategically placed next to a ponds where he tracks the bug population.

He tells us with less critters getting killed off this past Winter, we're seeing more bugs than usual

"With a mild winter and a wet spring, what that does it warms things up earlier. The same way we see crocus and daffodils early, insect are responsive to temperature as well."

Rachel Collins, a Biologist at Roanoke College, says she's seeing similar results.

She tells us, "Insects and spiders and ticks and fleas that have spent the winter some what exposed are much more likely to survive."

In their rooftop greenhouse, Collins is currently studying White Cabbage Butterflies in their caterpillar state.

She tells us more of them could be devastating to local farmers.

Both Scientists tell Fox 21/27 it wont be "Bug-Armageddon" levels this season, but you will notice more of certain species including butterflies, spiders, ticks and fleas.

Stevens say you'll want to check for ticks after being outside.

He's also predicting more of those pesky mosquitos.

He tells us, "There's a lot more puddles and a lot more tree holes, so when you have a warm and wet spring, there's a lot of successful breeding that takes place in these mosquitos."

Collins and Stevens say this doesn't necessarily mean the swarms will be around all summer.

They say since the insects are showing up earlier, they may disappear earlier as well.