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Becky says: Happy to be back

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So I was told I need to rest, that the pain in my achilles tendon is from overuse and I've strained it. Sitting still is not something I do well. Today, after a week and a half off, I took a cycle class and can't tell you how much better I feel just being able to workout again.

It really does effect you both physically and mentally. I just feel better getting out and doing something. I don't really even like cycling. Wow, does it hurt the back end! My achilles isn't 100% yet, so I need take it easy still, otherwise I'll find myself completely out of the loop. A week and a half has been bad enough, if I tear this thing, we're talking up to a year recovering. No thanks.

While I can't do my full all-out workouts, is sure is a good feeling to be back in the game at least.