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Becky says: Shout out to a great personal trainer!

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Gotta give a shout out to Whitney Ray!

I challenged her to find me a hardcore, high energy workout ... BUT one that I didn't have to use my left achilles tendon. She did it! ... and I loved every minute of it! I boxed a ton, did some squats and did a lot of repetitions with weights to keep my heart rate up.

Over here on the left, I posted a picture of what I told myself I looked like (thankfully the mirrors aren't on the wall yet)   ... then, I saw the cartoon - buzz kill.  Yep, I'm pretty sure THAT is how I truly looked.

When the doc told me to lay off my achilles for at least a few weeks, I was completely bummed and thought there has got to be an interval workout I can do ... and will enjoy.  After a week and a half of rest, I thought I might lose my mind, so I cycled Wednesday and was SO happy to be "up and at 'em." Then today, I headed to The Training Edge where Whitney trains ... and owns.

It feels so good to do interval training again, and even with an injury you can still get in a good workout as long as you are smart about it.

Thanks Whitney!