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Becky says: Freshwater Shrimp!

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Tonight at 10, we head "Out and About" for some shrimp farming in Franklin County.

Johnny and Sharon Angell have been tobacco farmers for decades. The two began farming the land in Penhook after they graduated high school, to continue the work of Sharon's family.

Within the past decade, they expanded from tobacco to shrimp, saying it only adds about 5% to the farm's income. However, there's no number they can place on the attention it brings.

The shrimp season begins in May. We headed down the day the supplier showed up and we hauled buckets full of shrimp from the back of a pickup to the ponds.

We also "fed" the ponds with brewer's grain to help with growth in the water for the shrimp to eat.

I always thought shrimp came from the ocean. I had no idea there was such a thing as freshwater shrimp. Apparently when they harvest, people show up from all over the area to buy the shrimp right out of the ponds.

I'm hoping my schedule works out that we can get back down there for the fall harvest.

Johnny says it's just in time a tailgate party with some Franklin County shrimp.