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Becky says: Need sleep!

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Got back from vacation ... had a little sleep - with some stress added in - and now my immune system is waving a white flag.

Unfortunately, my friend who was watching our dogs called us to let us know our chocolate lab fell ill. Next thing I know, she got WAY worse, the vet wasn't sure if she would pull through, and now - a million dollars later - she is better! :) At least she is on the mend.  Let's hope she continues in that direction.

So, combine that with a LONG flight home because of a ridiculous delay at O'Hare and I am wiped out.  It all caught up with me and now, my first day back to work, I'm sick as a dog.  Huh, the pun is not intended on that one.

Anyway, excuse the horrific voice you are about to hear tonight at 10 - it ain't pretty.

I think I need time off!