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Becky says: Who's watching?

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I remember the days you when you could get online, tap away at your keyboard, surf the net, whatever you want to call it ... and move on your merry way.

I'm so not one to worry about "big brother watching" but I have to say I find it amazing how much attention is now focused on what you are doing once you get online.

You might look around to see who is glancing over your shoulder at your computer screen, but I'd venture to guess that's the least of your concern.

Have you seen this article in the Wall Street Journal? It's about Orbitz deciding how to show its hotel listings ... higher priced ones seen first for those who log on from a MAC and showing lower priced hotels first, for those of you who use a PC.

While this is only one article, about one company, monitoring your computer use, it begs the question - who else monitors your keyboard habit and for what purpose?

O.K., I realize I'm starting to sound a bit paranoid, just gets me thinking ... maybe a little too much.