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Becky Says: Done With the Heat

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See that fine photo of me all smiling with my hand to my chin? THAT was done in air conditioning. I can imagine the fine visual you would have of me now. I have no doubt I would look a little less pleased.

Man, does heat just zap your energy, and make you and everyone around you C.R.A.N.K.Y.

And it doesn't help that traffic lights aren't working and I had no idea people didn't know how to drive through a 4-way stop.

You pull up to the stop sign - stop - then go once it's your turn. If other cars were there first, they go. If you come to a stop first, you proceed first.

You don't A- piggyback on the car in front of you and just bust right on through the stop sign or B- sit there paralyzed in fear and not move at all.

As for the traffic lights that don't have the stop signs up yet ... if the traffic lights aren't working it automatically because a stop sign situation. You pull up to the light, stop then please refer to the above.

I'm having a hard time understanding why that's confusing and accordingly in all this heat, having a hard time not getting cranky about it.

WHEN will the power be restored and A/C or not ... WHEN will the temperatures ever drop below 90 again????

Ohmmmmmmm ... (off to find my inner chi. If you find it, please send her my way:)