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Becky says: My quads are spent

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Turkish get ups ... Pistols ... Thrusts ... A trio I won't soon forget after today's workout.

Holy cow! Seriously, my quads are seriously spent.

First of all ... I did NOT use another human being like muscle man over there - I used a dumb bell when I did my Turkish get ups.

Oh, and check out the dude on top of the railing ... that would be a pistol. I, however, worked on my pistols on the GROUND ... next to the railing that I clung onto with all my might. There's a good chance my upper body will accordingly, be sore.

And the squat thrusts, I'm pretty sure we had to do those for good measure. You know, the cherry on top ... if your legs weren't dying already, these just made sure to seal the deal.

The craziest part of it all - I LOVED hating it and can't wait for the next workout.

Right now, however, I'm just working on walking.