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Becky says: Soccer and gymnastics on TV!

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The Olympics 2012 are here!

Well, in a short while the opening ceremonies will kick off and that means so will soccer games ... yay for me! :) I LOVE watching soccer, and during the World Cup and the Olympics I get to see the games on "regular" television.

I have copies of both the men's schedule and of course the USA women's team schedule.

I gotta say gymnastics is another fave of mine and of course, that's another sport you rarely see on television, so I hope to get in some time in front of the small screen for that as well!

I don't sit still very well, and accordingly, don't watch a ton of television, but I think I'll need to hunker down and sit still for the next few weeks so I can cheer on the athletes!

Who knows maybe I'll burn some calories by osmosis.