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Becky says: How do they do that?!

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Let's talk about synchronize diving. How do they do that??

How do they not smack their heads on the platform?

How do they not belly flop into the water?

How do they not slam into each other mid-air?

And once I have all those answers ... How do they do it at the EXACT SAME TIME?


I can actually say the skill of every athlete, no matter the sport, completely amazes me.

I love football, not so much baseball ... but seeing all these sports I don't get to normally watch on television? Love. It.

Maybe I wouldn't think it was so great, if I could watch all the time. Who knows?

Either way - loving all this television coverage. Think I might have to try out a few of these sports myself. But until I get my answers, I'm staying away from synchronized diving.

Four years 'til Rio de Janeiro ... just sayin'.