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Becky says: Fall soccer is about to begin!

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Fall soccer is about to begin! After watching the U.S. Women win gold, I'm ready to get out on the field again. I know, I know ... I am no Abby Wambach, but I can only hope after #4 from that other team, chooses to play me and not the ball, that I handle it with as much dignity as Abby. Haha, O.K., maybe I'm still a little bitter about it. :)

The Roanoke Valley Women's Soccer league kicks off it's fall season in September, and if you haven't heard me say this a million times -- it is so much fun!

I'm not exactly fresh out of college, but I hope I stay healthy enough to play until I need a walker to get around. So, I estimate that to be around, oh 90 years old. :)

If you can't play this Fall, you should seriously think about giving it a try in the Spring. We have people who have played their entire lives and others who are about to embark on their first ever game. It runs the gamut.

If anything, the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains is gorgeous and it's a great chance to get outside in the fresh air, while the leaves change colors this Fall.