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Becky says: Cut me a break ... somewhere ... please.

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What a day.

... and really, it started yesterday.

Yesterday morning, my little guy got up about hours earlier than usual. I could've taken a nap once I got him off to daycare, but instead motivated myself to get to the gym.

With boxing gloves in my bag ... off I went ... ready for a good cardio workout that always clears my head. The heavy boxing bag - gone. No warning - just taken down. ERG. I muster through another workout I really didn't want to do, then my Ipod battery juiced out on me.


Get home, decide to take an online offer up on its "40% off, one day only" deal ... can't get the promo code to work. I try multiple times. Finally, I call customer service - only to find out the deal doesn't work for the item I wanted to buy.

Wasted time.

Then, I get a text my cell phone bill is available to pay. I get online to find out, it's $60 more than it should be. The provider says I used 7.23 gigs during the billing cycle ... 3.5 of which was used in just 2 days, on a random Thursday and Friday. Every other month over the past several years, the most data I have ever used was right around .5 gigs No explanation.  No one can figure it out ... but, of course, I still have to pay the overage charges.  Oh - and here's some irony for you - I had an unlimited plan for years - NEVER even got near even 1GB of data usage.  Last month was the FIRST month the plan changed over to limited data usage - and it mysteriously sky rockets to more than 7GB. 


THAT ... has now spilled into today.

When will the weekend get here? And please, please tell me it will be better.