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Moneta Auto Mechanic Shop Makes a Difference For Those in Need

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When Gary Proffitt opened his auto mechanic shop in Moneta, he decided he wanted to do more than just fix cars.

Proffit wanted to help those in need, so he started New Testament Automotive Ministry.

The ministry provides lower costs to low-income families who qualify. Proffitt only charges them for the parts needed for the repairs and gives them half off the cost of labor.

In addition to the repairs, he also teaches them a lesson on basic car maintenance. He shows them how to do things like check your oil and transmission fluids.

"Having your car break down can impact not just the driver, but entire families. It's important to be able to help them afford the service and know ways they can hopefully check on their cars to prevent things from going wrong," Proffitt said.

Proffitt is in the process of gaining 501(c)(3) qualifications. He is also working toward getting a dealers license, so he can sell cars he's fixed up at an affordable price to those families.

"I'm so happy to see the people who are just so thankful. It's just a great feeling to help somebody, somebody who really needed it," he said.

Proffitt is looking for volunteers to help out. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, or in need of services, the shop is located at 12179 Moneta Road, in Moneta. You can also call New Testament Automotive Ministry at (540) 875-8085.