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Becky says: Found that "break!"

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Found that break I was looking for!

After a string of bad luck ... I finally caught a break and it was with my cell phone bill! My phone usage is usually around .5-ish GB and THE first month I go to the limited plan ... 4G for two phones ... My phone usage soared to more than 7.2GB!

No one had any idea why. I stopped by the store. I spoke with customer service. The answer all the same - don't know why it spiked like that ... But sorry - you gotta pay.

Today, I made one more call before it was due. I just have the hardest time paying for something I didn't use and especially when no one else can explain the charge or why it happened.

Guess what - SUCCESS! I was refunded the charge and I only had to pay the regular bill amount.

So, earlier when I asked if someone could please cut me a break ... Somewhere?! They did!

Thank you!  :)  :)   :)

If you missed my last "please cut me a break blog" ... you can catch up below.


What a day.

... and really, it started yesterday.

Yesterday morning, my little guy got up about hours earlier than usual. I could've taken a nap once I got him off to daycare, but instead motivated myself to get to the gym.

With boxing gloves in my bag ... off I went ... ready for a good cardio workout that always clears my head. The heavy boxing bag - gone. No warning - just taken down. ERG. I muster through another workout I really didn't want to do, then my Ipod battery juiced out on me.


Get home, decide to take an online offer up on its "40% off, one day only" deal ... can't get the promo code to work. I try multiple times. Finally, I call customer service - only to find out the deal doesn't work for the item I wanted to buy. Wasted time.

Then, I get a text my cell phone bill is available to pay. I get online to find out, it's $60 more than it should be. The provider says I used 7.23 gigs during the billing cycle ... 3.5 of which was used in just 2 days, on a random Thursday and Friday. Every other month over the past several years, the most data I have ever used was right around .5 gigs No explanation, no one can figure it out ... but of course I still have to pay the overage charges. Oh - and here's some irony for you - I had an unlimited plan for years - NEVER even got near 1G of data usage. Last month was the FIRST month the plan changed over to limited data usage - and it's the highest ever used. Ironic.

THAT ... has now spilled into today.

When will the weekend get here? And please, please tell me it will be better.