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Roanoke County Graduation Rates Rising

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Some classes your child takes in school are challenging, including the AP courses.

"Every year, guidance counselors come and push AP classes because they want us to be the best we can be," says Will Echols.

Echols, a senior at Northside high school, has taken four AP classes.

"The higher classes the kids take is a representation of the teachers available at our school, and a chance to show off our school," he says.

More Roanoke County kids are taking AP classes and more kids are graduating than years before, according to a report shown at a school board meeting.

Since 2010, the number of students taking AP classes has gone up 62 percent. Since 2010, 30 more kids have graduated from Roanoke County public high schools.

Fran Kiker compiled the information for the report. She credits a school-wide push for why more students are taking the AP exams.

"We have been part of a grant that helps subsidize the cost of taking the test, and just encouraging kids to take the harder classes," Kiker says.

As for graduation, Roanoke County public schools have a program called SAT, providing nurses and counselor to keep students in school.

"We do a lot to support students to make sure they graduate," Kiker says, helping them overall to achieve their goals, and put students on the road to success.