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Bath County Sheriff Says Beacher Hackney Case Closed

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Bath County Sheriff Robert Plecker said the Beacher Hackney case is closed.

Plecker said the state Medical Examiner's office positively identified remains found in the woods of southern Bath County earlier this month as belonging to Hackney.

Investigators believe Hackney shot and killed two of his supervisors at the Homestead Resort in March of 2009.

Hackney was last seen that night on Homestead surveillance footage, reloading his gun.

Plecker said investigators found that gun in the woods, as well as approximately 60 rounds of ammunition.

Plecker said they found Hackney's trademark glasses and they found his wallet in his pants pocket.

The wallet contained a health department card with Hackney's name on it from West Virginia, Hackney's photo ID he used at the Homestead, and his Virginia hunting and fishing license.

Plecker said the fastest way to identify the remains would have been with dental records, since they had a fully intact skull, but Hackney's dental records were either unavailable or incomplete.

"We probably wouldn't be where we are without the DNA help from the [Hackney] family," Plecker said.

Plecker said one of Hackney's direct relatives voluntarily donated her DNA for comparison.

The state medical examiner's office used it to identify Hackney.

Peter Faraone, vice president and general manager at the Homestead, called the DNA match "closure" for the families.

Ronnie Stinnent's family issued a statement saying, "We thank our God for Hackney being found."

The family of victim Dwight Kerr declined comment in a statement issued through the sheriff's office.