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Bedford Farmers Say Rains Will Help Some Crops

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The pumpkin patch is almost bare at Johnson's Orchards.

"We probably lost between 20 and 40 percent what we had last year," says Jordan Johnson.

Jordan Johnson works at the farm and says the rain is a nice change, but would have been better weeks ago when apples and pumpkins were growing. Still, the rain is a welcomed sight.

"Make sure they get through to harvest and it might make them a little bigger," says Johnson.

Too much rain can cause pumpkins to rot, but luckily many were picked before the rain. Johnson says, however, this rain will go a long way for their livestock.

"It will help with the pasture and the animals especially after this long heat; it is really going to help with the grass," says Johnson.

The drought also took a toll on apples. Walter Gross at Gross' Orchard says this rain will significantly help his apple crop.

"With the fruit on the trees we have a lot of apples to pick, the later varieties before we pick them," says Gross.

To give you an idea of how much rain fell here in the last 24 hours, the water gauge at Gross' Orchard collected two and a half inches of rain, and that is 2 and a half inches of rain that is going to go a long way for many farm in the area.

"Welcome anytime, especially as dry as we have been the last three to four weeks," says Gross.

And Gross says rain is also welcomed in the coming weeks, and hopes if the rain keeps up, and his crops will be much better this time next year.