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Paul Ryan Visits Danville, Hopes to Turn Tide For GOP in VA

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Another day, another Virginia campaign stop for Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan -- this time at Piedmont Precision Machine, a manufacturing company based out of Danville.

"It is a great day to be back in Virginia," said Ryan. "You notice we kind of come around here fairly often these days."

Wednesday's visit to Southside marked the second straight day Ryan spent time in the Commonwealth and was the tenth event he's attended in Virginia in the past eight days.

"Virginians, you hold the key to this," Ryan said. "You want your country back and you have a big responsibility. And Virginians, it is in your power to do that."

The most recent statewide polling numbers show President Obama pulling ahead of Mitt Romney. A CBS News/New York Times/Quinnipiac survey released Wednesday gives Obama a four point edge in Virginia, while a Washington Post survey released earlier in the week gave him an eight point lead over his Republican challenger.

Wanting to tip the scales back in the GOP's favor, Ryan continued to hammer the president on jobs, unemployment, and the economy while speaking to the large crowd in Danville.

He pointed to an announcement Alpha Natural Resources made Tuesday, deciding to close multiple coal mines and lay off workers in Virginia because of a "regulatory environment that's aggressively aimed at constraining the use of coal." In a related move, the Romney campaign released a new ad Wednesday called "The War on Coal" that is airing in Virginia.

"1,200 jobs lost in the coal industry in states like Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania -- it's really clear," said Ryan. "If you keep pushing these kinds of policies, you're going to get the same result."

With just seven weeks to go before election day, the Romney camp hopes their message resonates with voters and produces a different result in Virginia and nationwide than four years ago.

"Let's get this done," Ryan said.