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Roanoke County Parents Concerned About Fort Lewis Elementary

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Kelly Saunders' daughter goes to Fort Lewis Elementary School.

"Unless they can show a justifiable need on paper where they can save money or completely justify our school closing, why put our kids through that?" Saunders says.

She is concerned after finding out Fort Lewis is on the list of possible cuts.

"Because of our elementary school, that is where I picked to live," Saunders says. "If I wanted my kids to go to a different school, I would have been in a different school district."

Saunders spoke at the school board meeting, catching the attention of school leaders. Doctor Lorraine Lange understands why some are worried.

"We are not going to anything we do not have to do," Lange says. "We thought it would be fair to mention anything on the list to talk about it."

Following the meeting, several school board members talked with some of the parents, sharing their concerns and encouraging them to attend a community meeting later this week at the school.

"It was nice to have that conversation and understand more from their perspective," says Greg Michael.

Michael's kids go to Fort Lewis, too. The PTA member says the goal for the upcoming year and at the community meeting is simple: "Preserve our kids' future. We have kids that have been there for many years and parents have younger kids who might not have the chance to go there and we do not want to deprive them of that. So we need community support and parents to get engaged and see what we can do to save our school."


Community Meetings:

Sept. 26 – 6 p.m. – Fort Lewis Elementary School

Oct. 4 – 6:30 p.m. – William Byrd High School

Oct. 17 – 7 p.m. – Hidden Valley High School