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Craig County Man Defends Obama Mask on Monkey as Free Speech

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Curtis Caldwell said he understands why some people find his statue of a monkey wearing a mask of President Obama offensive.

Caldwell said, however, it's his right to free speech to display it.

"If I would've had a kangaroo I would've used a kangaroo instead of a monkey," he said.

Several people who saw the display on Caldwell's property contacted us with their concerns.

"I know some neighbors won't like it," Caldwell said. "I have friends in San Francisco I know would hate it, but that's too bad. I'll say what I wish."

It's pretty clear who Curtis Caldwell's going to vote for in the upcoming Presidential Election.

The mask of President Obama on a statue of a monkey he purchased in Florida, with the sign above it stating "No Bama," pretty much gives away the fact Caldwell is a Romney-Ryan supporter.

Caldwell said the set-up had nothing to do with race; he feels another term for President Obama would be "bad for the country."

The Vietnam veteran says he used a skeleton to satire Obama in '08, but that skeleton is falling apart, so he decided to use his monkey statue, which he says normally sits in a chair on his property.