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New Girl

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Taking a modern look at friendship and romance, breakout comedy NEW GIRL returns for its sophomore season with all-new exploits of a smart, spirited and single young woman, her three male roommates and her beautiful best friend. 

This season, after JESS (Zooey Deschanel) gets laid off from her teaching job, she re-evaluates her life and career and immediately makes some dubious choices along the way – working alongside a jaded cocktail waitress (guest star Parker Posey), jumping into a sex-only relationship with a handsome lothario (recurring guest star David Walton) and attempting to bond with her younger neighbors by using 80's humor. Also this season, NICK (Jake Johnson) is dumbfounded when he gets a visit from his future self, WINSTON (Lamorne Morris) must answer to his disapproving mother and basketball star sister, SCHMIDT (Max Greenfield) panics at the thought of getting old and then becomes jealous when CECE (HANNAH SIMONE) starts dating the anti-Schmidt.

The hit ensemble comedy struck a chord with viewers last season when, after a bad break-up, Jess moved into a downtown Los Angeles loft occupied by three single guys. The trio helped Jess move on with her life, as she jumped back into the dating pool, which included a courtship with a fellow teacher, a Valentine's Day one-night-stand and a May-December romance with the father of one of her students. Conversely, the upbeat and unique feminine touch that Jess brought into the loft had just as much impact on her new male roommates and changed their lives in ways they never imagined.

Among her new roommates, Jess had an instant connection with Nick, a law school dropout-turned-bartender. Nick knows he's not living up to his potential – both professionally and personally. Like Jess, he also had a tumultuous romantic year, whether it was dealing with the ex-girlfriend who broke his heart or the tough-as-nails attorney who unceremoniously dumped him, leading him to date an endless string of college-age co-eds. The most grounded of the roommates may be Winston, an intensely competitive athlete who returned from playing basketball overseas, not knowing what to do next. As the season progressed, Winston not only found true love with a former booty call, but landed a dream job – albeit with a nightmare boss.

Rounding out the loft, but living in his own universe, is Schmidt, whose over-confidence and well-defined physique mask severe insecurities, which manifest themselves in a number of OCD-like mannerisms, false bravado and contributions to the loft's douchebag jar. Against all odds, Schmidt found himself in an adventurous affair with Jess' best friend, Cece, a professional model with a killer deadpan whom all the roommates believed was unattainable.  As the group's dynamic evolved, they formed a charmingly dysfunctional – or strangely functional – family.