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Roanoke County Schools Warn of Sequestration Cuts

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Some parents are concerned for their children's education, with federal cuts looming over their heads.

"I am doing everything I can to give my kids a good education and be the best they can be in the world and it is content battle against budget cuts," says William Prillman Jr., whose kids are in several special education programs with Roanoke County schools.

Even school leaders are concerned. Jessica McCloung oversees special education programs, which would lose their federal money if sequestration goes through.

"We don't want our kids to continue being pawns because Congress couldn't come up with a balanced budget," McCloung says.

The cuts wouldn't stop at special education. McCloung says money would be taken from other programs to pay for special education programs. Even teacher layoffs are possible.

"Increased class size, loss of jobs, possible layoffs, school closings," McCloung says. "It could be more than one school closing with the cuts we are about to experience."

The cuts will happen in January, but won't be felt until the next school year. With help from parents, school leaders hope they can encourage Congress to not cut the money. Noelle Ellerson, with the American Association for School Administrators, works with schools and Congressional leaders.

"The weight of the voice of a constituent, of the parent, is worth more than mine any day because, while I represent superintendents, they are the constituents, they are the ones that vote in the Congressman and Senator," Ellerson says.

Every letter from a parent is a fight for their children and their education.