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Lyme Disease Becoming a Problem For Local Pets

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For pets, tick protection is more important than ever. At Roanoke Animal Hospital, Dr. Mark Finkler tells me they have been diagnosing three or fpir cases of Lyme disease in dogs each month.

"The deer ticks have migrated down from the northeast." Finkler says. "A couple of years ago, they were showing up in eastern Virginia. Nnow they are definitely showing up in southwest Virginia. It is a tick migration problem."

If you are one of those folks who thinks you don't have to use flea and tick medicine for your pets once the green goes away, winter comes, and we get the first frost, that is a myth. The fact is that in order to get protection you need to use it year-round, especially when it comes to ticks.

"Ticks don't die; they hibernate, so when the weather warms up they will reactivate," Finkler says. "Eventually they die of old age, but can easily survive in the bark or in the mulch and when the weather warms up again they pop out again."

Of course, checking with your vet to see what is best for you is important, but Dr. Finkler suggests Frontline Plus because its active ingredient isn't harmful for pets or people. No matter what you use, though, keep on using it.