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Neighbors Vigilant Where 80-Year-Old Woman's Purse Was Stolen

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Neighbors in the area of Roanoke's Mud Lick Road said they're alert and watching after police say a man talked his way into an 80-year-old woman's home and then dashed off with her purse.

Police said the victim was not hurt and they're still looking for the thief.

"It's a shame they didn't catch him," said Alec Rhudy, who lives a block away from where police say the crime happened.

"He needs to be locked up," Rhudy said.

Police said the man told the woman she owed him money for trimming trees on her property, even going so far as to show her a phony invoice sheet.

Rhudy said the crook's story wasn't at all a surprise to him since tree trimmers have in fact been working in the neighborhood since Monday.

"The power company is having the trees cut back [from the power lines] along Mud Lick," Rhudy said.

"I figure everybody has been alerted a little bit and they'll be watching," Rhudy said.

Roanoke police said being alert and watching is exactly what they want neighbors to be doing.