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Becky says: How do injured, lost animals always find me??

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Why is it that every injured, sick, lost or "in need of a home" animal finds ME?  I am a complete sucker for an animal in need ... and I am pretty sure they know it.

Today I came home to find a bird in our front yard that couldn't fly.  It didn't look like a baby and really, that should be in the Spring.   I wonder if it had a bum wing, or was sick ... I don't know, but I say there looking at it trying to figure out how to save it and realized, a. There's really nothing I could do, and b. it may not have been able to fly, but it was quick on its feet and wouldn't let me get near it anyway.

We currently have two dogs.  One from the pound and the other I rescued from the side of the road in Floyd county on my way to a story.  Yep, I showed up with a camera man, microphone and flea filled puppy.  Shortly after, I found a dog along the Blue Ridge parkway, but he/she looked to put together to be a stray.  I think it may have just been running loose.

While I truly hope that little guy I found in the front yard is O.K., I am also happy (as is my husband, I'm sure) to say I don't have a new pet ... there's no birdcage in our house.