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Organizations prepare to help people in the path of Hurricane Sandy

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Several organizations are preparing to help those in the path of Hurricane Sandy.

Gleaning for the World is placing 120,000 pounds of supplies in Baltimore and considering placing supplies in eastern part of Virginia and Philadelphia.

"We're also in touch with Emergency Services in various states. We're sending blankets, snacks, water, animal food and supplies, and food" Evan Husted with Gleaning For The World.

The Red Cross is mobilizing Disaster Response volunteers, supplies and equipment across the state in preparation for the storm. We're told two people from the American Red Cross Virginia Mountain Region are currently on Virginia's coast. The CEO, Lee Clark is in Hampton as well as Roger Hudson, a volunteer managing the feeding operations.

The Red Cross has also asked those who can to donate blood.

"The storm has already caused the cancellation of Red Cross blood drives along the east coast, and more cancellations are expected. This has resulted in the loss of several hundred units of blood and platelets so far. The Red Cross has shipped blood products to hospitals in the affected area in advance of the storm as patients will still need blood and platelets despite the weather. If anyone is eligible, especially in places not affected by the storm, they are asked to please schedule a blood donation now" said a statement from the Red Cross.