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Roanoke Mayor wants to work with Event Zone

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Although EventZone may have lost a city contract to Downtown Roanoke Incorporated, it may not be losing its political clout.

"EventZone," Roanoke city mayor David Bowers said, "We want to work with you!"

After losing the contract, EventZone executive director Jill Sluss said it was no longer obligated to hold Festival in the Park in Roanoke.

Festival in the Park will be 44 years old in 2013.

Sluss said EventZone is looking to form new partnerships with other local governments and organizations.

"If EventZone wants to go to Salem... then I think they're doing themselves an injustice," said Roanoke City Councilman Sherman Lea.

Both Lea and Bowers said they hope EventZone will work with DRI to hold Festival in the Park in Roanoke for years to come.

The location for the 2013 event was up in the air already due to renovations at Elmwood Park.

The renovations could run through late next summer, city leaders said.

A Salem city spokesman sent the following statement on the EventZone situations:

"We are always open to discussing potential events for the city at the entire Taliaferro Complex, including the civic center and both of our stadiums, but at this time we have not spoken with anyone from EventZone.