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DRI, EventZone Meeting "Cordial"

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Downtown Roanoke Incorporated, Roanoke City, and EventZone met this morning in City Hall, the first meeting between all three stakeholders after the city awarded DRI a contract to manage all events downtown.

The contract takes effect Jan. 1.

EventZone, which also submitted a proposal but was not selected by the city, then said it was no longer obligated to hold any of its popular events, including Festival in the Park, in Roanoke.

The meeting was described as "very cordial" by EventZone executive director Jill Sluss.

A pair of sources said EventZone and DRI even stayed to talk further after the Roanoke City representative left the room.

"We're trying to work with EventZone and Festival in the Park to make sure they, not [DRI], produce that event," Steve Musselwhite said.

Musselwhite is the interim director at DRI following former President & CEO Sean Luther's resignation to take another position out of state.

"We think, between what we're doing and what [EventZone] is able to do, that we can help move all of [EventZone's] events forward," Musselwhite said.

Sluss said places outside Roanoke City have contacted her about events other than Festival in the Park since the city's announcement it would let DRI manage all events downtown.

As for Festival in the Park specifically, Sluss said "We're keeping all our options... open."

Sluss said EventZone's board of directors will meet Saturday for further discussion on the future of Festival in the Park, as well as other events.

Musselwhite and Sluss both confirmed DRI and EventZone will sit down again early next week.