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Roanoke City Residents Meet to Discuss Huff Lane Changes

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David Fletcher, along with many of his neighbors, pack the room to see what could be built on the Huff Lane Elementary school property.

"I don't really want to look out my window and see a five-story building," Fletcher said.

The plans people saw included two hotels and a restaurant, but it is people that live on Huff Lane that are concerned about what this means for their neighborhood.

Fletcher lives right across the street from the proposed hotels. He is worried the plan could make it difficult to sell his home down the road when he retires. "If I was moving into that neighborhood, I would take a look at that property and see the hotels and dumpster and restaurants and increased foot traffic. I wouldn't buy there. I would look somewhere else unless it was a steal."

Trish White-Boyd has lived in the neighborhood for 19 years and is worried about more traffic. "I just don't think two hotels and a restaurant would be suitable for that area and right next to the park," she said. "I don't think this area is conducive for that traffic."

The meeting allowed for people to meet with city leaders and the developer to answer their questions.

Assistant City Manager Brian Townsend says he heard many ideas, which makes it difficult to accommodate everyone's concerns.

"Some folks recommend one approach and had neighbors recommend an exact opposite approach on how to address some of these transitional issues, so it shows that even in the neighborhood, there is some differing opinions," Townsend said.

Even though a final decision was not made, many say it is a neighborhood issue they will continue to follow and work to try and have everyone's voice heard.